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I was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to Massachusetts in 2007. I graduated with multiple degrees in Information Management, Medical Coding, and Business Management from the InterAmerican University of P.R. and then Fisher College, Boston.

My education and curious mind were the catalysts that opened the doors to the Insurance Industry. By supporting a group of researchers, consultants, trainers, and experts in the areas of Commercial Transportation, Ergonomics, Innovation, and Human Factors; I fell in love with insurance and knew very early this was going to be my forever career. The opportunity to work with this group of Doctors, Researchers, and Field Experts allowed me to learn, build confidence, polish my language skills, creating the environment and experience for me to find something I could be and feel passionate about. So, unlike most people, I didn't start in Sales, or Service, or Management. I was just a medical nerd with a passion for Organizational Phycology.

Now, fifteen years later I have experienced many realms of the Insurance Industry from Fortune 500 to Independently Own Agencies. I am passionate about Community, Education, and Operational Excellence. I have a keen eye for people, behaviors, processes, accountability, and efficiency. I hope that my skills and expertise can motivate many young individuals to pursue a career in insurance and help entrepreneurs reach new heights by learning new and more efficient ways of leading, learning, and operating their businesses.

As a young and dynamic leader committed to growth, innovation, and transformation it's my focus to continue driving significant impact by changing the way we think and perform. My goal is not only to bring more inclusivity and diversification but also to provide a new perspective that will help build a bridge for individuals to lead, manage and operate differently by promoting accountability, diversity, and inclusivity while applying efficient processes to push their organizations to achieve maximum profitability.

I hope to continue creating safe spaces for business owners and women to succeed, grow, and transcend without limits by opening new networks, connecting communities, Speaking, Coaching, and partnering new collaborators to build a better tomorrow.

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