Millie Carrasquillo

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Millie Carrasquillo is a leading market expert on Hispanic and multicultural audiences with thirty years of experience working in Spanish language media at the two major Spanish-language broadcast networks holding senior-level executive positions at Telemundo and Univision.

Millie was instrumental developing methodologies with the major research firms: Nielsen, MRI and Simmons, and others to develop sample frames and materials that properly measure U.S. Hispanics. She was part of a team and a major component in developing the NHTI (Nielsen Hispanic Television Index), a ratings service that measures US Hispanic TV preferences. This enabled the Spanish-language networks to receive bigger allocations of advertising dollars to this day.

An innovator, embracing new measurement techniques to better understand consumer dynamics. Millie’s passion is advocating for the Hispanic consumer, giving them a voice inside corporate hallways.

Millie launched Millie C Consultancy in 2016, offering business advisory services spanning Hispanic marketplace insights, research design and marketing strategy consultation, and content assessment.

She joined LatinUs Beauty in 2017 serving as one of the founders focused on consumer insights, opportunity assessment, media buying and strategy. At LatinUs Beauty, the mission is to help all women feel empowered, confident and beautiful. LatinUs Beauty is a vibrant and emerging beauty company that has designed a line of hair care products for and by Latinas at the center of our science.

Millie serves on the board of Screen Engine/ASI, a research and data analytics firm focused on maximizing market potential while assessing risk for clients in the entertainment and media industries.

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