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A strengths builder and equity educator. With 25 years of cultivating leadership and advancing equity, Jessica has successfully facilitated civic learning, inclusive community outreach, and strategic game-changing initiatives. Her vision to ‘love without fear’ is embedded in her multi-generational framework for coaching, curriculum, training, programs, equitable evaluation, and strategic planning models. Her participatory leadership translates across various audiences and industries inclusive of non-profit, philanthropy, primary, secondary, & higher education, and government. Jessica thrives in amplifying lived experiences and integrating these voices to sustainable practices and collective learning at all levels. She is equipped with a bilingual (Spanish) and cross-cultural lens. And she draws wisdom and inspiration from her faith, her ancestors, and her community, with whom she intentionally seeks to serve justice for all.

As President for Estrategia Group, she is a process facilitator and creative. She has helmed projects for Hispanics in Philanthropy, Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg, University of South Florida, Invest in Kids, among others. She provided empowerment evaluation services and leadership coaching to campuses nationwide in conjunction with the Truth Racial Healing and Transformation project through American Association of Colleges and Universities. She also works closely with other consulting groups as a partner, thought leader, and coach. Jessica is helping to build strong and inclusive teams and values aligned efforts between all organizational members through common vision.

She is the co-founder of non-profit MiGente MiPueblo, seeking to advance equity through Latinx narrative, healing and advocacy. She also actively volunteers as a community partner with St. Petersburg TRHT and is a volunteer leadership coach and trainer for Leadership MidValley.

Jessica loves to travel, sing karaoke, play games and get into good trouble with her family and friends. Getting her husband, Edwin and daughters, Taina and Natalia to sing karaoke in public for the first time is among her most fueling & healing memories.

Born in New York to immigrant parents, she was raised in the Dominican Republic. Migrated to the United States and now holds a Master of Management from Heller School at Brandeis University and a Bachelor of Arts from Mount Holyoke College, where she graduated at the age of 19. She holds certificates in eLearning & teaching, evaluation and diversity equity and inclusion. But most proudly she holds lived experiences and memories from her ancestors, community and friends with who she has committed to center “love without fear” .

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