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Dulce Orozco is a Latina Immigrant Therapist and speaker; she is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in the State of Massachusetts. Dulce’s why is love, she wants her daughters, everyone she works with, and everyone on planet Earth to spend more time living in love than living in fear.

Dulce’s superpower is assisting people of color and from immigrant families ready to change their relationships with themselves to create new perspectives and realities so they can honor their magic and uniqueness.

She loves to co-create safe spaces where we can thank fear and explain that we don’t need them anymore, so we can give ourselves the chance to see new alternatives. Because of her personal and professional experience working in private practice, community mental health, psychiatric hospitals, and counseling centers, she is fascinated by culture's role in mental health and how we perceive ourselves. As a result, she creates safe spaces to talk about complicated but critical topics. Dulce's first language is Spanish, and she is also fluent in English and Portuguese.

Dulce was born and raised in Venezuela and has been living in Massachusetts since 2001. She has two young daughters who constantly remind her how to enjoy the present prioritizing play. She loves being a student and is usually learning something new.

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