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Cultivating Inclusivity and Diversity

Inclusivity and diversity are not just buzzwords; they are fundamental values in the speaking industry. In this chapter, we explore how to cultivate these values in your speaking engagements and initiatives.

We cover the following important aspects:

The Importance of Inclusivity

Understand why inclusivity is crucial in public speaking and how it can enrich your message and reach.

Diverse Panel and Speaker Selection

Learn how to advocate for and participate in diverse panels and speaking events, contributing to more inclusive lineups.

Elevating Underrepresented Voices

Discover how to use your platform to elevate underrepresented voices and share the stage with emerging BIPOC speakers.

Addressing Sensitive Topics

We discuss strategies for approaching sensitive topics and creating safe spaces for dialogue, even in difficult conversations.

Measuring Impact

Explore how to measure the impact of your inclusivity and diversity efforts, ensuring they create positive change.

By the end of this chapter, you will have the tools and knowledge to actively promote inclusivity and diversity in your speaking engagements, contributing to a more equitable industry.

The subsequent chapters continue to empower your journey as a BIPOC speaker, covering topics like measuring success, staying true to your values, inspiring the next generation, and the future of BIPOC speaking.

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